How to maintain your beard

How to maintain your beard



Beard grooming is a critical part of growing, maintaining and styling the best beard. Fortunately, good beard care has never been easier. With the right knowledge, tools, and routine, learning how to maintain it can become second-nature.



Follow these top beard grooming tips to figure out exactly how to maintain your facial hair and keep it looking healthy and trendy.



How to maintain your beard

Clean and moisturize your beard

Rule number one is to keep the hairs clean and moisturized. Because of the coarse structure of beard hair, it is prone to dry out more quickly than the hair on your head.

If you wash on a daily basis, you will strip the oils from your beard, leaving you with a mess of dry and damaged facial whiskers.

As a rule, it’s recommended to wash your beard twice a week.

For those guys who work outside or engage in sweaty sports, you may want to increase this number. After washing your beard, lather up with a hydrating conditioner to lock in moisture and reduce the dreaded beard itch.



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Trim your beard

It may seem counterintuitive to trim after you’ve worked so hard to grow it to it’s glorious length, but this step is crucial in maintaining your facial hair.

Believe it or not, trimming makes it look fuller and healthier by eliminating dry, damaged, and split-ends while promoting the growth of healthy new hair.

Plus, the easiest thing is to give your it a refreshing update is to cut loose the stray hairs, giving your beard a fresh, sleek look.

Don’t fret, it will grow just as fast between trims, and you will reap a boatload of  benefits as it grows. And you get to experiment with several different looks.



Invest in a good beard trimmer

Speaking of trimming your beard, one of the best contributions you can make for your beard’s future is investing in a good beard trimmer.

Going to the barbershop for a trim can be time-consuming and expensive, so learning how to trim will save you both time and money.

According to reviews by MHT, when choosing a trimmer, look for features like attachments, multiple length settings, wet and dry use, and dual edged blades. Cordless trimmers provide maximum versatility, allowing you to use them pretty much anywhere.

Corded trimmers are for those looking for a little more power and a guarantee that the battery won’t run out mid-trim.

Since no two guys have the same needs, the answer won’t be the same for everyone. Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s easy to use, quick to clean, and sharper than a two edged sword.



How to maintain your beard


Use beard oil

When it comes to the top complaints about beards, itchiness is at the top of the list.

Beard hair is known for its coarse texture; and the scratchiness that comes as a result. As your whiskers grow, their sharp edges have a tendency to scratch and irritate the skin, causing the ever-annoying itchy beard sensation.


As it gets longer, the sebaceous glands on your face have a harder time keeping up with producing oil, which creates dry skin, along with a case of the itches. A remedy for both of these problems is a magical formula known as beard oil.


This mighty beard agent, made of essential and carrier oils, is hydrating to the skin, helps tame unruly hairs, and softens the texture of coarse hair.


Brush your beard regularly

An essential tool in every beardsman’s toolbox is undoubtedly the boar’s hair bristle brush. Not just any brush; this powerhouse of a styling tool is made from natural boar’s hair and has the ability to tame the most unruly one’s.


Some of the boar’s hair brush claims to fame are distributing oils through the beard, promoting healthy hair growth by increasing blood flow to the face, and naturally conditioning the hair.


Add a daily brush to your evening or morning routine to see a vast improvement in your hair.


Daily brushing helps remove dirt, dead skin, and anything you may have dropped in your beard during the day. Because, who wants to see that crumbs from yesterday’s lunch in your beard?



Experiment with different beard styles

Not all are created equal. Some styles are just a simple result of not shaving for a few months; combined with good genetics; and others also are painstakingly mapped out, groomed and maintained to get the desired effect.

The beauty of it is that you have the option to style it in all sorts of ways. Current styles trend toward shorter, closely cropped beards, but other styles, like the ‘yeard,’ break trend by encouraging one full year of uninterrupted growth.

Buzz worthy styles are always changing, which means there are tons of options for experimenting with new styles.

Depending on your face shape and hairstyle, there are likely several styles that would look good on you; so don’t be afraid to try something new.



How to maintain your beard


Grow a healthy beard

While there is no magic potion that will help you grow it better some simple lifestyle changes can help promote healthier hair follicles. Exercise increases testosterone production; and also boost metabolism, both precursors to hair growth.


A well-balanced, healthy diet plays a big part in growing your beard. Eating foods high in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene in the form of spinach, eggs, carrots and kale help repair skin cells. Foods high in Vitamin E and C like citrus fruits, almonds, and peanut butter encourage sebum production, which is essential for moisturized hair.


Stress reduction is a major component to reducing testosterone levels. Because you need testosterone to trigger hair growth, try to incorporate a stress reducing activity like meditation, exercise, getting outside, or journaling to curtail anxiety and promote a lustrous beard.





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