How to reduce stress this Christmas and have a good time

How to reduce stress this Christmas and have a good time


Christmas is only a week and three days away and as always most of us are looking forward to having good times with friends and family. While the moments we share during Christmas are some of the most cherished in our lives, they can also be among the most stressful.


When something means a lot to us, we pay attention and we become involved and get eager to participate and be part.


This is normally the case when it comes to spending time with loved ones during Christmas.


However, it can also mean that our expectations are hyped, mostly by desires and memories; as we direct our energy towards having beautiful experiences.

When events outside our control such as the coronavirus pandemic interfere with our vision of a perfect holiday; we may end up unhappy and stressed.


Here, we look at ways one can reduce Christmas stress and have a good time this festive season.


You don’t have to be everywhere

Traveling during the holiday season has always been complicated but his time it risks getting worse putting into consideration the social distancing regulations, curfews; and cessation of movement in some regions due to the pandemic.


Talk to your family about what you can realistically do and still get to enjoy the holiday even if it means not traveling upcountry for Christmas.


Don’t let the pressure of feeling that you have to be at home, or in whichever location, for the holidays take the fun out of your Christmas.



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Make realistic plans

Everyone wants the holidays to be free of anxiety, or any other negative emotion; but this is not always the case.

Accepting that life is going on around you and that emotions are bound to come in at any time helps you understand how you need to cope.


One way to handle emotions during this season is to have realistic expectations that will allow you to easily cope with any stressors and still have an enjoyable time with your loved ones.



Put difficult topics aside

You could be going through a rough patch in your relationship or you are still dealing with a difficult past relationship which if you leave unchecked; will likely interfere with your mood and how you perceive your Christmas.


It is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Also, expect that those around you will also look after themselves and that you don’t have to control their choices either.


Armed with cordiality, you will find it easy to put aside any difficult topics and concentrate on having a good time.


You must have a budget – and stick to it

One of the biggest stresses during the holidays is finances. Money matter will always give you stress and entertainment; travel and gift buying during the holiday season can all fuel financial burden.


Take your time and put together a list of all your anticipated expenses for the holidays; and remember to have room for any unforeseen expense so that you don’t risk falling short on any bills.


Sticking to your budget will not only ensure that you don’t overspend but also help you avoid any regrets; and financial difficulties that always come after the holidays.

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