STRANGERS AND LOVERS: Sex in a hundred places 2-3 – Kingsley Alaribe

STRANGERS AND LOVERS: Sex in a hundred places 2-3 – Kingsley Alaribe

She slid two fingers into her vagina. They weren’t sure whether the condom was near or far.

It was far.

Their apprehension grew. Neither of them had dealt with a situation like that.

Half an hour later, they were sitting in the reception of a dinky clinic nearby. Very few words were being exchanged between them. Their thoughts busier than the Balogun market in Lagos.

STRANGERS AND LOVERS: Sex in a hundred places 1-3 – Kingsley Alaribe

What if the condom is swimming like a jellyfish in my blood right now?

What if the condom blocks a blood tube in one of my intestines?

And what if they can’t find it and have to tear her open?

The doctor called them in and had a good laugh after they explained the incident. He assured them that it wasn’t as uncommon as they thought. When the condom grows slack, and that can happen for a number of reasons, you should always change it, he informed them.

She was led to an operation room where the doctor expressly rectified the situation.

It all happened within an hour. They went from pleasure to panic to extreme anxiety to embarrassment and then to relief. It was a frightening rollercoaster of emotions. And the only thing left to do was repeat sex.

They tore at each other with renewed hunger.


She always fantasized about things she heard during gossip sessions with her friends. Things like the girl hanging her leg from a window and shooting her ass out. She dragged him to the room and did just that. She loved every thrust that rocked her bosom, not so much for how pleasurable it felt but the fact she was fulfilling a fantasy. And they were doing it without a condom this time.

He, too, was living a rare moment at the same time. He had never watched himself screwing a girl in real time. In this moment, watching himself in the mirror to their side as he rammed into her, he felt a great deal of satisfaction coursing through his veins. It motivated him to go harder and faster. Her loud moans urged him even further.

For years it seemed the opportunity would never come. Suddenly they’d made love twice in a day. And they could go on. They could do it a hundred times.

And why not?

She was screaming with unbelievable pleasure, shouting his name with a broken coarseness that filled his ego with bursts of pride.

He resolved in that moment that she was going to keep doing it in different positions–in different places–a hundred times over.





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Kingsley Alaribe

Kingsley Alaribe is a Digital Marketer with 1stNews, and writes the weekly column, Strangers and Lovers. He is also a Data Scientist.

Kingsley Alaribe

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