HURIWA criticises ‘scam’ PDP decision to jettison zoning

HURIWA criticises ‘scam’ PDP decision to jettison zoning

The main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has been labelled as a hoax by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, on Thursday, May 12.

The announcement that the former ruling party has opened its presidential ticket ahead of its primary enraged HURIWA.

On May 28-29, 2022, the presidential primaries will be held.

In a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko; HURIWA expressed its disappointment with the party’s decision.

HURIWA called the main opposition political party’s refusal to zone its presidential ticket to the South; particularly the South-East, a “big swindle.”

The PDP has demonstrated to Nigerians that it does not respect equity, fairness, or justice; according to the human rights organisation.

As a result, the HURIWA urged all eligible voters to prepare their PVCs in order to vote out the PDP; and the ruling All Progressives Congress if they field a northern candidate in the presidential primary.

The party’s National Executive Committee, or NEC, met in Abuja on Wednesday night; and decided against zoning, leaving the presidential position vacant.

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Onwubiko said, “We condemn the decision of PDP to throw its presidential ticket open.

“PDP’s decision not to heed the wise counsel of elder statesmen [in the Southern region] is blameworthy. This is considering that the South-East is the only zone that has not produced a democratically elected President out of the three major ethnicities; since Nigeria’s Self government after over 60 years existence as a Sovereignty.

“Throwing the contest open has confirmed that PDP has scammed the South-East. This is even after the zone has suffered marginalisation and exclusion from the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“What PDP has done shows clearly that it is indeed a 419 political contraption. Our plea is that Nigerian voters who don’t have PVCs should get their cards. This is so as to reject both PDP and APC should both feature northern candidates for president.”

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