The hypocrisy of APC leaders – Niran Adedokun

The hypocrisy of APC leaders – Niran Adedokun

I find the reactions of some leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the letter written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari very telling of the hypocrisy that rules their hearts.

Since the letter came to public light penultimate week, leaders of the APC have one after the other, condemned the former president for reasons ranging for his lack of qualification to criticize to the exhumation of the man’s own failings as president between 1999 and 2007. The conclusion has mostly been that Obasanjo’s letter was characteristically self-serving.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu APC

And then enter the interventions of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and former Governor Adams Oshiomole on Friday. While Tinubu dismissed Obasanjo’s missive to Buhari as a political move since the former has unfettered access to the President and could have discussed the matters in that letter with him at any time, Oshiomole, in his own usually confrontational manner told Obasanjo off. He said the Ebora Owu was not qualified to advise the President since he was not one of his legitimate advisers. In addition to that, he suggested that having done too much damage when he was President, Obasanjo’s letter to the President was hypocritical!
Now, while all these men are entitled to the way they choose to see things, it is curious how they amend their positions depending on convenience.

Just a little over two years agoa, Tinubu and his friends in the then burgeoning APC adorned their agbada and babaringa and packed themselves to the Obasanjo’s Abeokuta home. It was at this meeting that the former Lagos State Governor described their guest as The Navigator.  Hear the Asiwaju at the meeting : “…“You have surmounted a number of crises. Nigeria is divided more than before. To realise a stable Nigeria, we want to encourage you to continue to speak the truth. We have resolved and determined to rescue Nigeria. We want you to be our navigator.”

This was months after Obasanjo had written a smoking letter to former President Goodluck Jonathan who then occupied Buhari’s seat. At that time, all those who hailed Obasanjo, including Tinubu did not realise that he could have discussed the issue with Jonathan without writing a public letter. He mentioned the council of state and other possible ways in which they could have discussed privately and I ask, weren’t all these avenues also available when Obasanjo was applauded for writing Jonathan?

The second very curious thing about responses from members of the APC is to ask whether they, in good conscience, do not see any utilitarian value in the Obasanjo letter. Is there nothing the President can gain to even make him serve Nigerians better? To dismiss Obasanjo’s letter as the product of a busy body is the highest level of political deception possible.

Events have shown that even the Presidency its self sees some sense in that letter and members of his party should focus on making the president put up his best performance in the few months left of his administration.

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