I just moved out of my house and I am in pains! – Ella Temisan

I just moved out of my house and I am in pains! – Ella Temisan

Yes, folks. Your girl is changing addresses to a new house.


Yay! Before you say I’ve moved up in life, I’m still on the same street. Just a different building. The drama in my former house is not worth my energy, abeg. So, congratulate me or not.


I’ve moved on to something better.


If you’ve “packed out” of your house in Lagos, you know what I’ve achieved these past few days is worth multiple accolades. No jokes, it takes superhuman strength and the sufficient grace of God to find a good house in Lagos. Forget all those websites promising to make your life easier.


Is it not the same agents on the streets that have put on big coats and signed up on that website? Pastor (they’re always pastors) with a small signboard in Oluyole is still the same Pastor with a profile on tolet.ng. But I triumphed.


I found a good house purely by providence.


Then I went through the stress of fixing it for my needs. That’s when Lagos artisans decided they wanted to teach me long suffering. Which type of shout did I not shout? Which threat did I not give? What did I not do? They still did what was on their minds.


At the end of the day, I was left with choosing the lesser evil. And I won’t lie, my new place isn’t that bad if you aren’t a perfectionist.


Did I mention that I ran into the landlord of my new place while I was searching? I’m telling you that providence smiled on me. Do you know why? It means no agent fee or legal. I paid only rent and a caution fee. I can’t tell you how happy it made me. But I saved some cash at least. That 10% agent fee can pain! Lol!


Right now, I am in pains. I spent the whole day moving into my new place. It was a prayer for help. The men I hired to help me weren’t as careful as I needed them to be. So, I had to walk with them to and fro, repeating “small small”.


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Grown-up men but couldn’t be careful with important items. At a point, I gave up and focused on packing and labelling because it is what it is. After all, I am paying dearly now for the stress I put myself through today. I am in severe pains!


If you know any provider that organises relocation for individuals, please share their information with me. Next time, I am not doing this by myself. Somebody should take my money and relieve me of stress, please.


Meanwhile, tell me congratulations.

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