‘I no longer wear pants’- Nollywood Actress

‘I no longer wear pants’- Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress, Nazo Ekezie mentioned that she no longer wears pants, due to the tragic hike of ritual and underwear theft in the country.

This was made known during an interview.

She stated that she decided to avoid wearing pants so that she can secure her destiny and live a life that is worthwhile.

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She said;

I might sound cliché but I don’t wear pants anymore. I’m not going to joke with my destiny, and if I’m taking my clothes off anywhere, my underwear is going straight into my bag.”

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The beautiful and talented actress further revealed her relationship status. According to her, she is single and very available.

Nazo further mentioned that she needs a man that would love her for who she really is and would not be jealous because of her fame and celebrity status.

Read what she said:

“I’m single and available. I am looking for someone who fame doesn’t entice or affect.

I want someone who would be patient enough to know me and not look at me from the movie angle.

I would love someone who sees me as Nazo and not as an actress all the time.

“Right now, I seriously want to be in a relationship.

I want to be with someone I love, someone who loves me as me, but not as an actress or movie star.

I want to be with a person that actually knows me, a person who loves me and willing to relate with me as Nazo and not as an actress. That one is so important. I’m not looking out to marry a (Aliko) Dangote but my man needs to be comfortable. He has to be able to provide for me.”

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