Meet Iyalode Efunsetan Aniwura…the Iyalode of Ibadan Land

Meet Iyalode Efunsetan Aniwura…the Iyalode of Ibadan Land

Efunsetan Aniwura, the great Iyalode of Ibadan, was a wealthy and powerful woman of unusual boldness, strength and intelligence. According to accounts of books, biographies and films about her, she reigned as the Iyalode of Ibadan for years. No light was shed about her husband but she had only one child (girl), who died at a very young age, between the age…s of 19 and 22 years whilst in labour.

Efunsetan was a very close friend of Madam Tinubu the Iyalode of Egba. She was a wealthy woman in their days. Till date it is said that Efunsetan was the boldest, most powerful and wealthiest Iyalode that reigned in Yoruba land. Her glory was rare and could not be compared with any other during her reign. Efunsetan was a business woman who travelled round the country to buy products like bitter kola, kola-nut, cocoa, etc, she was well-known among the Hausa and the western states.“She was among the first women that had business transaction with the white men.This also helped Ibadan in civilizing the people”. Read more

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