If you can be anything else in life, be a farmer – Ella Temisan

If you can be anything else in life, be a farmer – Ella Temisan

We aren’t all born with a green thumb. But if you could do anything else in life in addition to whatever you’re doing now, consider agriculture.


The kind that produces food for you and your family or friends. In fact, you’ll thank me and God later for this advice. Trust me.


I told you all how I recently moved out of my former apartment, right? Now I live in a compound where there is space and soil for planting things. I thought it was one of those garden-type spaces. The kind of space kept aside for aesthetics. But when the caretaker told me I could do some farming there, I was excited.


Most importantly, the owner of the building believes in sustainable living and this has given me a new lease of life. Thank God for that. Because I am enjoying myself and my new life so much!


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Everything is going on in that space. I am sowing everything and dumping all my kitchen waste on there. I am in another dimension with this small-time farming hobby. Whatever grows, grows. Whatever dies will die. I don’t mind. I just want to produce food. Do you know the joy of harvesting your vegetables? Plantain? Yam? Herbs? It’s crazy!


Walking by that space gives me so much joy. It screams “this is the work of your hands”. There’s a feeling of fulfilment like I can do anything because I can. It’s heady. Not to talk of the financial implication. That one is understated.


Planting and harvesting most of your food cuts away plenty of spending. Being able to prepare a complete meal based on what you produce is something I can only imagine while I was growing up in Delta State. I’m happy I can experience that in Lagos. It’s amazing.


Let me tell you this though. You must learn patience. You can’t go far with farming if you are not patient enough to wait for nature to do its thing. Also, you have to learn to listen to what the plant is telling you. I understand many of us have forgotten the technicalities involved in agriculture. But I want to believe that if you show care and attention to your plants, you may be able to help them blossom.


Currently, I’m growing plantain, yam, beans, cucumber, tomato and pepper. I told you it’s a jumble of things. May the best plant win! Try it. Get a pot and plant something today.


You won’t regret it.

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