Ife: Trailer for Nollywood lesbian movie debuts

Ife: Trailer for Nollywood lesbian movie debuts

The trailer for a lesbian-themed movie, Ife has been published.


The Nollywood movie is produced by popular Nigerian homosexual and LGBT activist, Pamela Adie.


In the trailer premiere, the actors share lines describing their characters’ journeys to self-discovery and finding love.




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The lead characters, Uzoamaka Aniunoh and Cindy Amadi spoke about the complications of accepting themselves and facing society.


Watch the trailer.



‘ÌFÈ’, written and directed by Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim, follows the tale of two women who fall in love over a 3-day date but struggle with the realities of same-sex love in a country overridden by sanctimony and hypocrisy.




According to the film’s producer, Pamela Adie, other mediums of release are being considered including VOD platforms.


Meanwhile, the National Film Video and Censor’ Board, NFVCB has reaffirmed its stance on Nollywood films that portray lesbian; as well as homosexual acts.


The board’s Executive Director, Adedayo Thomas announced in a recent interview that the film and its makers will be tracked and sanctioned.


“As long as it is Nigerian, it will be tracked down. Even those who are involved in it too. Before you get yourself involved in certain things, there must be a contract. What is the contract? Ignorance of the law is not an excuse”, said Thomas.



“If you say you’re shooting a movie on the conception of lesbianism, fine, that is the work. It has not gotten to our table, when it gets to our table, we will know that this is what we are going to do.”



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