Igboho: Oyo politician accuses Yoruba leaders of supporting criminal activities of herdsmen

Igboho: Oyo politician accuses Yoruba leaders of supporting criminal activities of herdsmen

An Oyo politician, Sunday Igboho, on Tuesday, January 26, alleged that some leaders in Yoruba land are giving clandestine support to killer herdsmen to perpetrate crimes in the South-West region.

Igboho made this allegation at a press briefing after an early morning fire razed his house in Soka area of Ibadan, Oyo State.

He also challenged anyone who has a score to settle with him to come out and confront him in public.

Furthermore, the politician denied enjoying any financial patronage from politicians, challenging any politician with a genuine claim that he was paid to do what he is doing to come out and state when and where he collected such amounts of money.

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Igboho also added that he would continue his task of chasing out the criminal herdsmen who have been carrying out a series of kidnappings; killings; rape and other sundry crimes in the South-West.

He also accused Yoruba leaders of supporting them.

“What is surprising to me is that I never expected that we Yoruba people should be in support of the evils being perpetrated by the herdsmen. I am surprised that the Fulani are killing our people in our own territory. They rape and kidnap our people.

“It is a terrible thing. So, I am trying to repel them. But, it is shocking to me that, despite the efforts that I am making, some Yoruba leaders are supporting Fulani herdsmen. It is so distressing and it saddens me.

“Since the herdsmen go about perpetrating heinous crimes, the government never intervened. It is not just happening today. It was my visit that opened the cans of warm.

“I needed to go there because it is where I come from. They are my family members. It is the same tribal marks that I am wearing that Dr. Aborode who was killed had on his face. I can’t keep mum in the face of oppression and humiliation.

“The Fulani herdsmen should not subject us in our own territory. But, it is disheartening that fellow Yoruba men would gang up against a just course.

“I see that my agitation against the killer herdsmen is being politicised to discredit my personality to get me distressed but their plot would fail. The schemes by the politicians would not stand.”

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