Iheme Nancy discloses prejudice against pastors

Iheme Nancy discloses prejudice against pastors

Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy has stated in an Instagram post that every pastor is either a thief or a fraudster in her books.


The actress revealed that she does not trust anyone who identifies as a man of God.


The movie star took to her Instagram page to state that they are deceiving gullible Africans.


Iheme Nancy also noted that the so-called men of God show that they are not authentic because they never perform miracles such as separating conjoined twins or restoring a lost limb.


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Here is what she wrote;

All these miracle merchants that call themselves men of God will never regrow a lost limb or separate conjoined twins.

Only them 20 years of waist pain and other things no one can verify, profiting off the mind of gullible Africans.

All pastors are fraudsters in my book“.


This is coming several days after Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda questioned religious leaders in the country.

He wrote;

”Same people that wrote Thou shall not steal, Came to our land and steal from us!

They said to love your brothers as your Neighbor or your self…

Why did they take their brother and neighbours as Slaves!

Independence or Sell Out!? Why sign a treaty for Independence?!

They transacted business and call it independence.”


In the latter part of the thread, Bella spoke about higher institutions owned by pastors. He spoke about how their fees and the inability of the average Nigerian to afford those schools.


”Now we’re enslaving ourselves!

Can you parents afford education in the school your pastors built?”

He wrote further;

”Don’t forget Christianity was a jew man tradition; Islam was Arabian tradition.

What’s our tradition and where is it?”

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