Ijeoma: Why do women blame the side chick? – Peju Akande

Ijeoma: Why do women blame the side chick? – Peju Akande


The hashtag #JusticeforIjeoma has been trending on Twitter for some time now over the alleged gruesome murder of an Enugu-based make-up artist, Ijeoma Nweke.



An unfortunate incident involving the death of a young lady, who was allegedly lured by a jealous woman, Chiamaka Ifezue and her brother, Emeka to their house.



Ijeoma was thought to have been involved with Chiamaka’s boyfriend. So, she was murdered, and her body disposed of…until her death was linked to the murdering siblings!



Ijeoma was reported to have gone for a ‘home service’ job on the 20th of November 2020. Unknown to her, it was a ploy by a jealous girlfriend; Chiamaka, to torture her for being the object of her boyfriend’s admiration. Ijeoma was forced to drink poison but thankfully before she did so, she had sent an SOS to a friend; alerting her of her whereabouts. This must have been the text that helped unravel the mystery surrounding her murder.



Ijeoma: Why do women blame the side chick? – Peju Akande



This is such a pathetic case.




A young girl hustling gets jumped for being admired by a guy. Two young siblings, who couldn’t reason with one another as to the crime they were about to commit; went ahead to murder another human being on a baseless charge.




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And what if the charge isn’t baseless?




What if Ijeoma had truly been involved with Chiamaka’s boyfriend? Does that mean a death sentence? To welcome the advances of a boyfriend, not a husband. Means death?



Why didn’t Chiamaka take up the case of infidelity with this said boyfriend? (Same boyfriend who is currently testifying against her and her brother in court). Further, why didn’t Chiamaka ask Mr. Boyfriend “What does she have that I don’t have?




“What can she do for you that I can’t or haven’t done?”




“Why do you prefer her to me?”




Why did Chiamaka think up murder for Ijeoma?



Ijeoma: Why do women blame the side chick? – Peju Akande



One also wonders, why didn’t Emeka talk his sister out of the deranged plot to murder Ijeoma?



He could have been the voice of reason; the one who should’ve sneaked Ijeoma out of bondage when his sister left the torture room for a piss.



I can imagine that they must have held Ijeoma for hours…Maybe even days because she was reported missing for days. Why didn’t one of the siblings wake up from their hate and say; “Enough! Let this girl go, we have tortured her enough…”




I really don’t want to believe she was murdered that very day.


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Ijeoma: Why do women blame the side chick? – Peju Akande




They continued…why? For people who have never been known to murder before or maybe they had and Ijeoma’s murder was the one that outed them?




Why didn’t any member of their family know?




Why would siblings with knowledge of right and wrong continue down this dark path?




We may never know.




What we may also never know is why people who catch their partner cheating attack the side chick/guy? Shouldn’t their beef be with the cheating partner?




Do you know the lies they fed the side chick/guy?




Do you know how hard these side chicks/guy may have fought to stay away from your persistent cheating partners?



People stray in relationships and many times not due to the fault of any party in the union. It could be that the relationship has run its course and even if it is due to one person’s fault; beating up the third person in the relationship never heals the wound of betrayal.

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Ijeoma: Why do women blame the side chick? – Peju Akande



If my husband cheats on me, I have no issues with his side chick. My only problem is with my husband. He is the one I signed the dotted lines with. He is the one who promised to love and to hold me in sickness and in health…In fact, he is the one who made his vows to me not his side chick.



Therefore, he is the one I’m going to be at war with.



So, now that Chiamaka is doomed to a certain number of years behind bars; what will happen to the boyfriend?



He will woo as many girls as his heart desires. That’s what. And as for Chiamaka, may she still have her spirit together, if she ever makes it out of jail because there will be no sleep for her; neither will her brother Emeka find rest!




Ijeoma will get justice because there is no sleep for the wicked!

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