IK Ogbonna reacts after Tory Lanez called him out

IK Ogbonna reacts after Tory Lanez called him out

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has released a video where he addressed Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez for calling him out on IG.


Despite being called out by Tory Lanez during his Instagram Live session; IK Ogbonna kept sharing pictures of the Nigerian flag.


The movie star, however, took to his Instagram live on Tuesday, April 14, 2020; where he further cleared the air over the incident on Tory Lanez’ Instagram live.


According to him, he had his reason behind the flags on Tory’s IG live; he wanted to taunt those who were offended by his action.


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‘For me, there is really nothing for me to say, I just drop flags. The funny thing is that the way the whole flag thing started was that I was at Troy’s live and I posted a bunch of flags one time and at the other time, my other phone was getting a notification from Twitter,” he said.



I went there and noticed that people were insulting me; and I was like since una want make I pepper you with flag, I go give you flag until you are tired, Ill give you flag until you receive spiritual healing.

“It really didn’t mean much to me, I just found fun doing it but then again I think I’m enjoying it; but Oga Troy says I should please stop dropping flags so I need to respect his page.”


Also watch the video below.
Ogbonna’s response is coming several hours after he was called out by Lanez; for putting up the Nigerian flag on his Instagram live.

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