IllBliss eulogizes Grammy winner, Burna Boy

IllBliss eulogizes Grammy winner, Burna Boy

Popular Nigerian rapper, IllBliss has taken to social media to eulogize the Grammy winner, Burna Boy.


IllBliss in a thread spoke of Burna Boy’s work ethic and immense contribution to the music industry. According to the rapper, Burna’s excellence should serve as the standard for both established stars and fledgeling youngsters.


He made this known in a Twitter thread during the early hours of today, Friday, March 26.


Illbliss also tweeted that the singer’s tenacity must be studied and applied to life.


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Posting via his Twitter handle, Illbliss wrote;

”Beyond artistic excellence and authenticity, @burnaboy ‘s success has to be one of the most uplifting and motivational stories of our generation.

Imagine if he had given up after failing to win the first grammy.

His tenacity and belief Must be studied! And then applied to life”



Burna Boy’slbum, Twice as Tall won the award over records by Antibalas (FU Chronicles), Bebel Gilberto (Agora), Anoushka Shankar (Love Letters), and Tinariwen (Amadjar).


He is also the first official Afrobeats artiste to win a Grammy.


A couple of days ago, Burna said he’ll never forget how people prayed for him not to win.


Read what he tweeted:

‘My kids will confidently beat their chest and say “Daddy did it on his OWN, We can do it on our own”.’

He added:

When you KNOW yourself. NOBODY can tell you about yourself.

KNOW YOURSELVES and never go against yourself.

He continued:

GOD is most definitely NOT A MAN. I will never forget how so many of you prayed that I don’t win. too dumb to understand that you also win if I win. No worry This is just the beginning. God is Great.’

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