Illbliss mocks artistes who didn’t save up for tough COVID-19 times

Illbliss mocks artistes who didn’t save up for tough COVID-19 times

Nigerian rapper, Illbliss has taken to social media to make a mockery of Nigerian singers and coterie of entertainers who failed to save up for rainy days.


According to the rapper real name Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor; the Coronavirus outbreak has exposed artistes who are not shrewd with their money.


Illbliss stated that rather than save, these guys spent their money on exotic items; like cars, pieces of jewellery, apartments and even drugs.


The music star made this known via his Twitter page on Saturday, July 4, 2020, while tweeting about coronavirus and the unexpected hardship and shock that it has brought upon some celebrities.


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Don’t be fooled, kid. Most of these cats are dead broke. They blew their lean change on jewellery, rented terrace houses, sneakers, and drugs. Covid is a bastard. Now we know who saved for the rainy day,” he tweeted.


Amidst the lockdown which was caused by the dreaded Coronavirus, Nigerians as well as other orbiters across the globe had to find a way to keep themselves busy. It is indeed trying times worldwide; live music events; and also other social gathering had to go on indefinite hiatus due to the pandemic.


Shows and concerts which use to be a major cash cow for entertainers have been restrained because of the government’s new laws and restrictions.


Recently, the Federal Government has expressed concern over the high rate of positive cases of the coronavirus disease, especially among top government officials.

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