Uzodinma urges Supreme Court to maintain status quo, says Ihedioha’s plea statute-barred, dead on arrival

Uzodinma urges Supreme Court to maintain status quo, says Ihedioha’s plea statute-barred, dead on arrival

The accusations and counter-accusations between the present and the former governors of Imo State — Hope Uzodinma and Emeka Ihedioha —  rages on; as the present governor urged the Supreme Court to maintain its stance on the Imo Gubernatorial.

In a summary of objection and defence issued on Sunday, February 16; by Uzodinma, the apex court was urged to maintain its judgement which elevated Uzodinma to the governorship post.

The governor cited Order 8 Rule 16 of the Supreme Court Rules 2014 which; “prohibits this Honourable Court from reviewing its judgment once given and delivered; save to correct clerical mistakes or accidental slip.”

This means the Supreme Court can review its judgement; but only on issues that do not touch on its judgment; and that is applicable to civil jurisprudence.

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Uzodinma further credited the Supreme Court for discharging its responsibilities; in line with the law as stipulated in section 285 of the 1999 Constitution and the Electoral Act. This section mandates the apex court to conclude electoral matters within sixty days.

Furthermore, the statement explained that; “by virtue of section 285 (9) of Nigeria’s Constitution, Emeka Ihedioha’s matter under any guise or name has become statute-barred; lifeless and dead on arrival having spent the maximum 60 days allowed by law in the court.

“When the Supreme Court has given its verdict; and it has been executed by way of swearing-in of the executive governor of a state; the only way to vacate its decision is through an election petition which will no longer be possible in this case.”

Uzodinma further advised Ihedioha to quit his battle towards a review since; “asking the court to reopen the case at this time is not tenable.”


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