Importance of drinking water for healthy hair, skin

Importance of drinking water for healthy hair, skin


You’ve heard it many, many times. You have to drink water, and a lot of it, to maintain your health.


You know that good hydration is necessary for healthy skin, cell health, and organ function.


But, how does all of that water impact your hair growth?


Is water a good thing for your skin and hair overall?


Here’s a look at why you need to drink water from that perspective.




Dehydration is very bad for the skin and for your hair as a whole.


Dehydration is not something that just happens to those who work out a lot, or those in the sun all day.


Most people are dehydrated.


In fact, if you are thirsty and you have a dry mouth, that’s an indication of dehydration, not just thirst.


It’s quite important to recognize this as a sign that you need to drink more water on a routine basis.


When it comes to skin, then a lack of enough water in your diet can impact the function of the skin as a whole, as it does any other organ.


If the skin is not getting the level of fluid it needs, it cannot keep cells healthy and clean.


Rather, toxins build up within the cells, making it more difficult for them to work properly.


In the skin, this means that hair follicles – which grow hair – will not get the nutrients they need to do well.





The skin works as a type of barrier to the rest of your organs and tissues.


As a result of this, it comes in contact with a wide range of ailments, wind, chemicals, and substances over the course of a day.


If it is not at the right moisture level, it can create problems for the function of that barrier.


It can breakdown, causing sores and damaged skin patches. You may also notice that your skin feels dry.


It may be more painful to touch, too. These are all indications that the skin is not getting the moisture that it needs.


Many people recognize that moisture problem and hate dry skin.


Yet, instead of drinking more and remaining hydrated, some people will apply lotions to the skin. T


his can help with providing a temporary level of relief to dry skin, but it does not solve the underlying issue of a lack of hydration.


Instead, work on both of these areas to see improvement.





If your skin is dry or you have areas of moisture concern, then that may mean your entire body is suffering from poor hydration.


The result of this is that the body stops putting those nutrients and fluids towards the hair follicles and instead routes them to the organs that need them first to function.


As a result, you may notice changes in your skin.


This may include things like dry hair, brittle hair, and hair that is thinning for no other reason.


Your hair may become weak, and that often means it is more likely to break when you are combing it or pulling it up.


You will also notice that your hair looks different.


For example, your hair may no longer be shiny.


You may also notice that it looks dull and damaged.


It is not uncommon for people who are dehydrated to feel differences in their hair.


You may hate the way it feels when you run your hands through it.



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If you have damaged skin or hair from being dehydrated, it is always best to work to improve this at the most basic level.


Drink more water.


Skip some of the caffeine and other products that pull moisture out of your hair.


Instead, replace this with more water.


You also can talk to your hairstylist about the need to use moisturizing products in your hair that can help to treat and repair the damage that is present.


It is also a good idea to skip some of the chemical or heat-related styling methods you use that could cause further damage to your hair.


Dry hair and skin is a clear indication that you need more fluid.

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