In Lagos, generational ignorance is real – Ella Temisan

In Lagos, generational ignorance is real – Ella Temisan



Today is a good day to discuss another worrisome issue in Lagos.



The Bible says that the Lord will visit the sins of the Father on the children to the third and fourth generation. I must agree because it is the Holy Book but to take it further, I agree because I can see it happen.



Except, in this case, it is probably not mere sins but ignorance.



Let me give a little background here.



I live after Lekki-Ajah. Those parts where developers have chased water away so much that the smallest drop of sweat can cause a flood. That’s where I found a house recently and have been living for some time.



It has new buildings and small estates with the cutest names. If you’ve ever wondered if there is a place like “Sweet Heaven Courts” in Lagos; it is probably in my area. That’s how much this multitude of real estate developers have been forcing boujie-ness on middle-class Lagosians o.



In Lagos, generational ignorance is real – Ella Temisan


My area is nice but only during the dry seasons. Most people living in Lagos can relate to this. Lagos is disgusting after every tiny drop of rain. But the way my area turns into something else should be studied! It becomes us against the real owners of the land we occupy – the water.

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Living on oceanic land is the most stressful thing ever, I tell you. Many things don’t compare. Which brings me to the important question. Why won’t developers repair the mistake already made on the mainland by planning the island better?



Why has nobody sat down to say “Wait a minute! We need to create proper drainage channels before the houses we have spent millions on disappear underwater.” I thought since the mainland is so crowded it would be difficult to start solving their drainage problem.



That’s fine. Rome was not rebuilt in a day. But how about the areas that are not yet occupied to up to 50%? Why not start from there?



This place that I live in has a fancy name too. It has two big gates and security men in nice uniforms. They even practice similar discrimination against people on foot like they do in Ikoyi and VGC. They collect Estate Development Levies, Security Fees, and other things. But they don’t have a straight line of gutter.



The whole estate and not one actual water channel can be found. Is that one not wickedness to ourselves?



It’s not everything that is the government’s responsibility or fault. Some of the things we suffer are of our own making. And we must own up to them if we want to live better.



For example, the gutters. Let us dig them and keep them clean so that the water we are chasing can find its way into the ocean or lagoon. I don’t want to sleep dry and wake up a meme.



I hope somebody is hearing me now.

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