Instafame and the internet: Nigeria’s new problem – Viola Okolie

Instafame and the internet: Nigeria’s new problem – Viola Okolie



There is something about being in the public eye and the need to remain relevant that is like opium in the vein of unprepared “celebrities” especially in these days of Instafame where people become famous for… well, just for being famous.


No known skills or talents, no remarkable achievements to their name; nothing that they or the world can point out with pride as their claim to fame beyond either being able to pout or twerk enough to attract the attention of thirsty men (and women) all over the world; an ability to cleverly use filters to alter one’s physical appearance; or the ability to either chase every single controversy down every available rabbit hole; or interject oneself into the middle of every controversy going.



Clout chasing – otherwise known as “suicide by Instagram fame” or more succinctly, Instafame.


Economy bad, economy bad… but if a cross-dressing individual you have never seen or met puts on a hair; and announces where they bought it from, the internet rushes to that vendor and closes out their shop with purchases. Just to be able to say they purchase their hair from the same place this individual does; whatever may be the expense irrespective.


I mean, if the same cross-dresser comes out to announce that he gets paid N4m to advertise hair; at what point does the consumer begin to calculate what portion of that N4m is offloaded on them as part of the price of the hair?


Instafame and the internet: Nigeria’s new problem - Viola Okolie


Okay, that is even being on the resourceful spectrum of internet clout chasing or Instafame. What about those who are struggling to foment controversy at every turn of the corner just to trend. Indeed, to remain in the news even if it is for all the wrong reasons?



Enter Etinosa, famous for… well, famous for being famous. Here is one very good case of someone who can literally do anything for Instafame.






Or perhaps we should say famous for being infamous because we only realized she was a celebrity; when she stripped nude for the kingly sum of N50,000 on another celebrity’s (a real celebrity this time), live Instagram story.

We watched her melt down as she claimed to have being under the influence of intoxicating substances. Further, she claimed to be unconscious of her decision at the time she stripped.


When internet bleeding hearts heard that, they attempted to find a way to fit “rape” into the narrative. She was drunk, she was incapable of making decisions. She shouldn’t have stripped. Then when she did, the owner of the live video where she stripped, should have acted.

He should have been the one taking responsibility for an adult who refused to take responsibility for herself.


I know that I have said this before, but it does bear saying again. I shudder to think of the generation of adults we are raising in this age of Instafame; people who believe that they can live “wild and free”, then blame others for any negative fallouts of that decision. Everybody but themselves is responsible for their predicament. A generation of narcissistic fledglings whose flying monkeys are their own parents, friends and acquaintances.


I can go to a party and NOT know my own alcohol consumption limits. Then I do know what my limits are and knowingly decide to exceed them; yet I have no blame whatsoever in whatever happens next to me. I am a poor “victim”; even if I fall victim to the same circumstances several times in a row.


Anyone who appears to ask me why I seem to be incapable of making better decisions or taking responsibility for my actions; is “victim blaming” and should be harangued into silence. We are raising a generation of over entitled, irresponsible blights on society; people who believe everybody else but themselves should be held responsible for their actions. Yet we complain that our parents were too high handed.



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I can write a whole new article on this new trend of blaming parents who raised children who know who Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe are; can hold their own in very rational and well measured discussions; are resourceful with a “never say die” spirit; take responsibility for their actions and as far as they have the will, will make a way.



Yet, we have children who are nose deep in their phones like 99% of the time. Those who think Wole Soyinka is a Fuji music star and Chinua Achebe is a YouTuber. They are not responsible for any of their own actions and cannot cross the streets unsupervised.


You try to hold a conversation with them and they speak in text speak. Someone approaches your inbox to make a pitch for an advertised job and starts with “gd mn. I sw ur advt fr d jb of n edtr nd wld lk 2 apli”.



Instafame and the internet: Nigeria’s new problem - Viola Okolie



This is why we rail and roil against internet famous celebrities behaving badly; because we see them as role models for our parents. If Bobrisky coughs, your children respond “baddest”! Yet they are unable to recite the national anthem without resorting to Google.



If Tiwa Savage appears on stage in a string bikini, we carry placards. “What is she trying to teach our children?” As if Tiwa was part of the decision you made with your significant other to make that baby.


Instafame and the internet: Nigeria’s new problem - Viola Okolie




Back to Etinosa, now an adult takes an irresponsible action and guess who is to blame? Her parents. No responsibility for her actions whatsoever. The last time, she blamed the alcohol and the internet quickly forgave her. Then she posted a picture of herself in a loo doing a number two. Yet the clout she was chasing and the Instafame continued to elude her.



What next? Use the Bible as an ashtray.




Whelp, the fame she is chasing so avidly seems to have finally caught up with her. I hear the “internet yeyebrity” challenge is on now. Etinosa has been dared to leave soft targets alone and go after the big boys; so that she and fame can be finally united.


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Specifically, she has been begged to repeat the cigar-quenching skill again, but this time; using the other holy book – the Quran. This is the ultimate Instafame challenge



I am interested in this challenge. I mean, it is a “how irresponsible can you be in this quest for internet infamy” challenge; one that should be thrown to everyone who claims they can do as they like and there is no need for individual checks and balances or filters; no need for the application of gumption which is essentially what differentiates humans from animals.



Do anyhow you like, we are in the twenty first century.



Instafame and the internet: Nigeria’s new problem - Viola Okolie


Challenge thrown, Etinosa.




We understand you now want to be paid to use the Quran as an ashtray? Pray tell, who paid you before you used the Bible as an ashtray? Now that it is clear you are messing with the wrong crowd; you are still attempting to dodge responsibility for your actions?



When are you going to face up to your actions as an adult and admit you are going after this Instafame thing too hard and in a truly obnoxious manner? When will you beat a retreat and try to resolve whatever issues plague you and try to get yourself together? Are you honestly naïve? Or you do not realize it would cost the adherents of the Quran nothing to raise whatever sum you want in a heartbeat and throw down that gauntlet?



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When are you going to “man up” and admit that some clout chasing, Instafame actions are like firework sparklers? Lots of razzmatazz and no action?



Fellow Nigerians, this is what is trending on Naija Social Media. Once again parents, get involved in raising your children. Teach them actions and consequences and how to take responsibility for their own failings.



Because from what we can see, building Nigeria is an uphill task. Sadly, we seem to be running out of human resources, fast!

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