Instagram expands paid badges to more creators

Instagram expands paid badges to more creators

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced an experimental way for creators to make money from their live streams. That method has since been allowing creators to sell badges to their audiences, which unlock certain features like a special heart reaction.

The paid badge was limited to a small number of creators until today. Instagram announced today that badges in Live are available to more than 50,000 creators worldwide. Fans can purchase badges during a live stream. These badges will then show up next to their names throughout the stream’s duration.

In addition to showing their support for creators, fans also stand out in the comments with the badges, which can draw attention to their comments. They can also access a special heart reaction that can be sent during a live video and be placed on a creator’s list of badge holders. The latter makes it easy for creators to view fans who have supported their content.

Instagram’s paid badges are now rolling out in the U.S.; France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Japan. Instagram is also temporarily matching earnings from badges starting next month to further support creators.

Meanwhile, Amazon today launched a new program that aims to gather information about consumers’ purchasing activity beyond its ecosystem. The Amazon Shopper Panel will provide monetary incentives to consumers in exchange for that data; and for answering short surveys.

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