Internet goes wild for JFK’s grandson Jack Schlossberg after he endorses Joe Biden

Internet goes wild for JFK’s grandson Jack Schlossberg after he endorses Joe Biden


Jack Schlossberg – President John F. Kennedy’s only grandson found himself well and truly in the social media spotlight after he and his mother spoke out to back Joe Biden for US President.

Jack Schlossberg, 27, appeared alongside Caroline Kennedy at the virtual Democratic National Convention to endorse Mr Biden as the party’s nominee, saying the country “needed” the former Vice President.

During his appearance, Mr Schlossberg recalled his grandfather’s speech nomination for president in 1960, adding: “It was a call for the young at heart, regardless of age or party. The themes of my grandfather’s speech — courage, unity, and patriotism — are as important today as they were in 1960.


“Once again, we need a leader who believes America’s best days are yet to come.”


But some people appeared to be more taken by Mr Schlossberg himself, with the young man soon becoming the unlikely star of the convention.

Twitter users were quick to note not only the resemblance to his late uncle John F. Kennedy Jr, who died in 1999, but also to gush over his “attractive” looks.


Other suggested that the 27-year-old, a Yale and Harvard graduate, could be a future Democratic political star, with some suggesting he could even be a future president.

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One person said: “Why has no one told me how insanely hot Jack Shlossberg is? Is he single? Asking for me.”


Several people were amazed by the likeness between him and his uncle, with one commenting: “Wow Jack Schlossberg can you say JFK JR reincarnate”.



Internet goes wild for JFK's grandson Jack Schlossberg after he endorses Joe Biden



Another took to social media to say: “I was not prepared for the strong resemblance of Jack Schlossberg to JFK, Jr., so handsome”, while another said his resemblance to his mother’s brother had made them “gasp”.


In his speech, Mr Schlossberg also referred to his grandfather’s “ask not what your country can do for you” quote.


He also told the youth of America that the election will “define the rest of our lives”.


“We need to tackle climate change. The need to end systemic racial injustice. We need to make healthcare available for everybody,” he added.


“And we need to rebuild an economy that helps working families.


“We can do this. We can reach new frontiers only with a president who asks what he can do with our country.”


The Democratic National Convention began on Monday after party members were forced to hold the event over video call due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Instead of holding a four-day conference in Milwaukee; the virus forced them to deliver a two-hour-a-night virtual meet up which has been broadcast across the world.






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