IPOB clarifies alleged involvement in murder of Army couple

IPOB clarifies alleged involvement in murder of Army couple

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, downplayed the purported shooting of an Army couple who were allegedly celebrating their wedding in Imo State on Saturday, May 7; calling it a “smokescreen” by the military to invade Imo State and massacre innocent people.

Emma Powerful, the IPOB Spokesman made this assertion, noting that an inquiry was done. It was discovered that no Igbo family had recently lost any soldiers in any region of the South East; and that it was unclear how the Army came to the purported killing of the military pair.

According to the IPOB, the media has not taken the time to ask some pertinent questions on the alleged beheading of the soldiers; but only bought the alleged lies from the military particularly the Army hook line, and sinker. This is because it was alleged to have happened in Igbo land, but with no particular town in Imo State.

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The statement reads, “We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, under our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has come to the knowledge of the military plans to invade Igbo land in the name of looking for the criminals; and hoodlums who allegedly murdered the newly-married Army couple in Imo State.

“We want the soldiers to be mindful and apply professionalism in their duties because the world is watching them. IPOB is a peaceful movement and is not responsible for the wicked murder of the said couple if it actually happens; even though we know the plan behind the alleged murder of the soldier couple.

“We are aware that soldiers are setting up the ground to Invade Igbo Land and massacre innocent people, why? The news about the killing of the soldier couple is not clear to the public. It is questionable. And we still don’t know why people are not asking questions like; how did the killers manage to spot this soldier among many commuters.

“The Nigeria Army must be lying and should stop any further plan to commit genocide in the Eastern region. Enemies of Biafra freedom and IPOB are jumping up and down accusing IPOB without proper investigations.

“We are raising this alarm to alert the general public to disregard the accusations against IPOB or ESN operatives about these young officers who were allegedly murdered in cold blood.”

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