Iran arrests several protesters after clashes over water shortage

Iran arrests several protesters after clashes over water shortage


Iranian authorities arrested 67 protesters; after clashes with security forces in the city of Isfahan over water shortages on Friday, reports said.


Iranian officials had used tear gas shells as well as batons to control the protesters as reports said nearly 3,000 people had taken part in the protests.


Demonstrations had taken place on Friday; as people came out to protest against the drying of the Zayadneh Rood river which is the largest in central Iran.


Riot police were already deployed in the area as the protests turned violent.


The security forces also fired tear gas at demonstrators who retaliated by throwing stones.


President Ebrahim Raisi had earlier met people from the provinces in a bid to resolve the water crisis.

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People took to social media to report the violent clashes with protesters as the Isfahan region continued to boil.


Reports also claimed authorities had clampdown on internet services.


Riot police continued to keep an eye on the streets a day after the violent protests.


The protests come even as the country seeks to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.


Iran has recorded over six million coronavirus cases and nearly 129,000 fatalities as authorities claimed nearly half the country has been vaccinated.

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