Is Blessing Okoro okay? – Peju Akande

Is Blessing Okoro okay? – Peju Akande


Two weeks ago, my friend showed me a post by a certain Blessing Okoro.


In the post, she posed in front of a lovely building, claiming it as hers, telling us how in eight years, following a broken marriage, she had picked up pieces of her life and built it back again.


What an inspiration, I thought.


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I liked her story. I was interested in knowing how she survived the ‘eighy brutal years of rejection,’ how she survived a broken marriage, raising her son and emerging from the ashes to build such a lovely house.


So, I wanted to speak to her, to interview her and get that back story I felt would be encouraging to some people.


I was still planning to give her a call when she was suddenly back in the news again, this time, she was being shamed for lying about the ‘house she built.’



Aww! It turned out the real owner wasn’t taking bull crap from anybody, least of all a certain single mother claiming his house as hers.


We live in a world where Nollywood actors and actresses with scant ‘successful’ movie records wake up one morning to show us their latest acquisitions including lavish homes and cars.


Celebrities suddenly ‘own Bentleys’ they can’t afford to keep, they ‘own big houses’ they can’t afford to maintain and they keep faking it on Instagram, showing off properties that don’t belong to them, just so they can impress people.


The rest of us flood to their pages to ‘like’ and to insult ‘haters’ who ask about the sources of these overnight wealth.


But seriously, whether someone vacations in Montreal or owns properties in Vegas and posts photos online is nobody’s problem…until they are found out, right?


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And so it happened to Blessing Okoro, she was found out and has been scared, it seems. That video showing her on her knees, in handcuffs and recanting her ownership of a property she made us believe was hers was not only demeaning, it is shocking.

It’s sad that it came to this but this should serve as a deterrent to those who pose in their rented apartments and claim it as theirs. Those who keep faking it for the sake of their so called ‘haters.’

So, far, there has been a lot of noise over the method of shaming adopted by the owner of the house and we can debate from now to eternity but truth is, he owns the house and therefore has a right to insist she publicly recants.

Especially as it was reported that he had first invited her over and demanded she go back online to say the property wasn’t hers.


Instead, Blessing posted another video, this time she was wearing her nightcap, suggesting she slept in the disputed property and claimed yet again in the video that the property was hers!

This is insane, right?


The man invites you to his house to say the house isn’t yours, instead you stole into the corridor, phone in hand, video on and broadcast the house is yours, again!


The rightful owner at this point, thought it best to deal with an unrepentant Blessing; that’s when the handcuffs came on; and he and his henchmen were in charge of the video, this time, Blessing was forced to confess the property wasn’t hers.


But before we berate Blessing too much, let’s ask a crucial question, was it right to have treated her like this in the eye of the law? Did the owner involve the police? Were the police responsible for the cuffs? Why wasn’t it done at the police station?


Some argue the method of shaming was not extreme.


Their basis:


‘This will serve as a deterrent to others.’


Others have affirmed that:


‘This is extreme, she only used the house to pose, a deceit we are all guilty of, she did not steal the house; why publicly shame her?’


We were still undecided over this when yet another video stole into our phones.


On Instagram, there was Blessing, picking up so called ‘stones thrown at her’ and making a mockery of her handcuff videos.


What’s going on with this young woman?


This isn’t normal behavior.


She doesn’t appear remorseful, she thinks the whole my ‘house’ thing is a huge joke or maybe she thinks she can get more sympathy from so-called fans and keep up an appearance on social media?


Whatever her reasons are, what Blessing did was wrong, morally and ethically.


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Now, was her shaming extreme?


I think, yes.

Was it necessary? I think, yes.

Is everything okay with Blessing? I think not.

Her attitude and behavior so far….begs for help.





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