Is Lagos State ready for another COVID-19 lockdown? – Ella Temisan

Is Lagos State ready for another COVID-19 lockdown? – Ella Temisan



Are we ready for another lockdown in Lagos?



The answer to this question is a resounding no! We are not ready for another COVID-19 lockdown. We weren’t ready and we won’t be ready even if there was some notice. Why? Another lockdown is just going to make our lives worse.


We seem to have reached an impasse with this nightmarish virus. It refused to go, and finding a cure is tough. The virus mutates every time we seem to be getting close to a solution. I imagine the labs would be filled with several frustrated scientists because of this.


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After the virus’ devastating effects in Italy, the UK and France last year, I thought the worst had ended. I believed we would finally move on to a time where COVID-19 would be one of those things you need to take precautions against. The same way we heard of Yellow Fever, Zika virus and Bird flu. We were told about them. But we didn’t suffer them.



Is Lagos State ready for another COVID-19 lockdown? - Ella Temisan



Long story short, I was wrong. To be clear, I knew the epidemic would not just disappear the way it came but I’d hoped for some breakthrough by now.



Sadly, things are still not looking up in many countries, like India. The number of COVID-19 related deaths in India alone are as many as 4,205 daily. Imagine a country with its population losing that kind of number daily. It means almost every household would lose at least one member. It’s beyond saddening! But would you say their solution is to lock down? If they have a government with a Doomsday plan, maybe.



But I doubt it.



India is home to some of the world’s greatest scientists and pharma giants. Some of the approved COVID-19 vaccines came from India! So, what is the problem? Did they only manufacture vaccines and export them without starting charity at home? Or did they care less about the poor, average citizens so that only the wealthy got inoculated?


Is Lagos State ready for another COVID-19 lockdown? - Ella Temisan



I don’t know. 



I do know though that India is being ravaged by a new strain of the COVID-19 virus, according to sources. Something the old vaccines might be unprepared for. So, whether they all get vaccines or not, it might not make much of a difference. Steps have to be taken to put certain essential things in place so that a lockdown doesn’t just mean you die on your own inside your room. Things like responsive medical care that is modern and available.


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It would be nice to see some similar actions in Lagos State. No more of that lip service and photo-dumping. Let’s see actual moves towards ensuring healthcare, education and welfare won’t be a problem even when our movements are restricted. Only then would we be ready for a new lockdown, here in the overcrowded city of Lagos.



If nobody is ready to do this from yesterday, please let us allow vibes to continue to lead us. I heard the India strain has been found in Lagos already.



What do we say to that? Tufiakwa!

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