Bros, is your breath smelling one kind? – Emeka Nwolisa

Bros, is your breath smelling one kind? – Emeka Nwolisa

Many a would be successful and live long relationship has often ended on the altar of bad breath.

Bad breath is embarrassing and can be a big turn off. Tooth paste manufacturers pattern their adverts in a manner as to suggest that their products would stop bad breath and give the all-clear. That might be true but that bad breath may just be the push you need to get a medical evaluation.

The truth is that your breath can say a lot about both your short and long term health. Bad breath is called halitosis and studies suggest that 5-10% of the causes of bad breath are due to disease outside the mouth.

Oral Breath can have diverse smells depending on the cause.

A fruity smell may indicate uncontrolled diabetes. This occurs because in the absence or lack of insulin the body can’t use sugar for energy and starts to break down fat instead. Ketones build up and are exhaled thus the smell.

People with Chronic kidney disease tend to have breath that smells “fishy” or like ammonia. It is medically known as uremic fetor. Uremic fetor results from ammonia which is created in the saliva as a breakdown product of urea. The kidneys remove wastes from the blood and when they are diseased they are no longer able to function optimally . Metabolic waste builds up throughout the body and one of the ways they are released is through the respiratory system in the form of bad breath

People with sinus problems have breath smelling like mothballs. This is because the mucus formed when you have a stuffy nose or congested throat contains very dense proteins and they give off this distinctive odour. Similarly those with inflamed tonsils can’t break down sulphur-producing bacteria that breed deep in the tonsils and this sulphuric smell makes the breath smell awfully bad.

Events in the digestive system can also cause bad breath. Any condition that allows air from the stomach to move up into the esophagus and the oral cavity may cause halitosis.

However, bad breath caused by the gut is usually a sign of general imbalance in the digestive system. With intestinal obstruction or constipation the unfortunate side effect can be bad breath that smells faeces.

For the keto aficionados abeg be careful oh. High-protein, no-carbohydrate diets can create foul-smelling breath. As the body has little or no carbohydrate to turn into energy, it begins to burn fat and proteins. This produces ketones that are released in the breath producing a fruity or acetone breath.

Bad breath can also result from skipping meals, or fasting, which can reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth. A dry mouth may prevent clearance of harmful bacteria, causing a foul smelling breath.

Sometimes, the liver is the source of bad breath. Severe Liver disease leading to coma is often signalled by a sweet-smelling, musty odour on the breath as the body tries to excrete by-products of amino acid breakdown. Liver Cirrhosis can actually cause a breath smelling like rotten eggs.

So bros, that your breath smelling ‘one kind-one kind’ can be an early warning sign o.

Ignore at your own risk.

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