Israel to lift all COVID-19 regulations next week

Israel to lift all COVID-19 regulations next week

Coinciding with the pilot program to allow the first groups of vaccinated tourists to visit Israel, the Israeli health ministry announced that from Tuesday all remaining coronavirus restrictions will be lifted.

This is following the near-elimination of Covid-19 in the country, as a result of its successful vaccination program. Israel’s current number of daily cases (based on a weekly average) has dropped from 8,600 at the peak of the health crisis to just 27 this week, with 510 active infections.

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From June 1st, proof of vaccination will no longer be required to enter various venues in Israel. Also, capacity limits at stores, restaurants, and other sites will be lifted.

There will also be no further limits on gatherings, whether they are indoors or outdoors. The requirement to wear masks indoors remains in place for the next two weeks at least; as health experts evaluate whether to abolish that directive as well.

The current rules governing international travel will remain intact.

Tourists will need to adhere to Israeli regulations.

Meanwhile, Jamaica minister of tourism, Edmund Bartlett, has warned breaches of Covid-19 protocols will not be tolerated in the sector.

The comments follow the controversial staging of a Mocha Fest at Rick’s Café in Negril. The minister said the event was in direct breach of health and safety protocols.

“The Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), which is a public body of the ministry of tourism, has acted immediately to ensure that appropriate steps were taken to punish the entity that was in breach of the protocols,” said Bartlett in a statement.

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