‘It’s not A Sin to Drink”- Born Again Musician Lynxxx

‘It’s not A Sin to Drink”- Born Again Musician Lynxxx

Born again Nigerian singer and rapper Lynxxx real name Chukie Edozien mentioned that it is not a sin to drink alcohol during an interview he granted recently.

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Lynxxx, who came into prominence in the 2010’s became a music sensation and subsequently he became a born-again Christian to the surprise of his fans and followers. Usually musicians don’t lay emphasis on their religious belief but this particular musician is open about his relationship with God.

He argued with a correspondent that he is a born-again Christian nonetheless he still hangs out with his friends in the entertainment. The singer cited an example from the miracle Jesus Christ performed in the bible where he turned water into wine.

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In his defense, the musician said the following:

“I am born-again, but I am not doing gospel music and I don’t do secular music again too. I cannot call myself a minister of God just because I performed at a gospel show. I don’t have a name for my kind of music. If I feel like praising God today, I will make a song about God, and it doesn’t necessarily mean I am a gospel artiste.”

After performing at the Catholic Church’s Unusual Praise concert two years ago, Lynxx explained why he didn’t perform at this year’s edition.

“I didn’t perform because I am now part of the community putting things together. I also wanted to experience the show, the worship and the praises. For me, I found fulfillment and joy in that,” he added.

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