It’s perfectly okay to love money – Nkem Ndem

It’s perfectly okay to love money – Nkem Ndem



Money, Money, Money.


In Nigeria, people are quick to paint you black if you say anything; or act in any way that remotely suggests that you love money; or you prioritize money in everything you do. They shame you for choosing to be in a relationship that benefits you financially; or for going extra miles to gain extra cash, especially when they believe that you have enough already.



In fact, you can’t outright say you love money without putting a dent on your “reputation”.



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We are conditioned to believe that money is a bad thing. We shouldn’t talk about it and we definitely shouldn’t talk about how much we have. This subconsciously cements in our mind that money = bad.



It’s perfectly okay to love money – Nkem Ndem




Worse, for Christians, there is 1 Timothy 6:10, the Bible scripture; which most people fail to truly understand and teach properly; and as a direct result of this conditioning or thought, we start to repel money. I mean, think about it, why would you want to keep something bad in your life? You’re not going to ‘attract’ bad things. You’re not going to want to amass something bad. So, you try not to charge “too much” for your business or services or do things for free when asked nicely.



You refuse to ask for financial support or accept money gifts when we really should. You agree to split that bill with the dude or even worse; accept a marriage proposal from someone who is not financially stable (even though you are cringing inside) … Just so you do not come off as a gold digger. That’s what you are when you love money, isn’t it? A greedy lad or a gold digger?



Honestly, this –   money = bad –  cycle is one many people stay in their whole lives because it’s such a hard one to break. In order to get out of it, you have to admit that money itself isn’t the problem. Own your love for money and risk being shamed for it…Not a lot of people have the balls required to pull that off. For instance, a number of attractive women with hideous men tell me all the time that; it was the men’s persistence that won them over; rather than admitting that they chose the man for the financial benefits he offered.



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It’s perfectly okay to love money – Nkem Ndem




Why live a lie really?



Just say you LOVE MONEY! You want to bath in it. Shower in it. Throw NGN1000 paper planes off your window just because you can. It won’t kill you! It doesn’t make you a bad or awful person! If you love money, own it.



It’s too bad rich politicians (a redundancy) and society make people feel bad about wanting more money. There’s really no changing this perception that the desire for money, or those who have money, are bad. But then again, there is no denying that it is impossible to escape the allure of money. Why not just embrace it? If you love money, you will probably be better at accumulating more money. You’ll do a lot more research on how wealthy people got rich; what to invest in the stock market; how to get a raise, and all sorts of money attracting stuff.



It’s perfectly okay to love money – Nkem Ndem




Perhaps, money shouldn’t be the essential thing in your life. But if you calculate it right; you will agree that a significant portion of your life will revolve around earning; saving, giving, and spending money. So, your relationship with money isn’t something you can just brush aside as unspiritual or unnecessary.



The problem comes when you lose your sense of self chasing it. Loving money doesn’t have to be a one-way ticket to hell. With the right boundaries, you can achieve balance while also loving money. I guess my main point is this: Know that it’s okay to love money.




It’s perfectly okay to love money – Nkem Ndem



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But do not limit yourself or how you earn money because of a mentality that was foisted on you by those who don’t know better! And for all of you who are hating on people who own their love money, stop it already.



You know that if you had the opportunity to make more, you’d take it in a heartbeat.

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