IWD 2021: Women’s shopping habits linked to periods – Study

IWD 2021: Women’s shopping habits linked to periods – Study




In the ten days before their periods begin women are more likely to make extravagant impulse buys. This is according to some researchers.


Psychologists believe that shopping sprees could be a way for premenstrual women to deal with the negative emotions created by their hormonal changes.


For the study, 443 women were asked about their shopping patterns. The 153 women in the sample who were in the later stages of their menstrual cycle tended to have less control of their spending.


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Professor Karen Pine of Hertfordshire University, who led the survey, told the Daily Mail: “Spending was less controlled, more impulsive and more excessive for women in the luteal phase [the days immediately before their period].


“The spending behaviour tends to be a reaction to intense emotions. They are feeling very stressed or depressed; and are more likely to go shopping to cheer themselves up. As well as using it to regulate emotions.”

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She added: “It is also a socially sanctioned way to deal with emotional overload; compared to turning to drink or drugs.


“If women are worried about their spending behaviour then they should avoid going shopping at the end of their menstrual cycle.”




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