Iyabo Ojo tackles colleague, Yomi Fabiyi for defending Baba Ijesha

Iyabo Ojo tackles colleague, Yomi Fabiyi for defending Baba Ijesha

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo held nothing back as she tackled her colleague, Yomi Fabiyi for defending the alleged paedophile, Baba Ijesha.


In the video that she published on social media on Wednesday afternoon, Iyabo Ojo also revealed that she was raped at the age of 8.


The livid actress has now called out Yomi Fabiyi for defending Baba Ijesha.


After police revealed in a statement that Baba Ijesha confessed to the crime and was even caught on CCTV; Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi released a post asking his colleagues not to jump to conclusions.


He went on to demand evidence first.


Here is what he wrote;


His post was reshared by actress Foluke Daramola.


To clear the air, comedian Princess released a video. watch here


According to Princess who is the foster parent of the victim; Baba Ijesha first assaulted the girl sexually when she was 7. Another time, he is said to have penetrated her with a key.


She said the alleged act affected the girl mentally and physically; as she hardly did her school work and always failed in class.


It got so bad that the school once called the girl’s biological parents; and also called Princess to report that the girl was caught in school grinding her brother.


The girl kept the abuse to herself until recently when she opened up at age 14.


At this point, Princess said she put up a CCTV camera in the house and alleged it captured Baba Ijesha in the act. She alleged that when he was confronted, he confessed “4 times” and blamed the devil.


Princess called out Yomi Fabiyi for demanding evidence before he condemns Baba Ijesha’s act. She asked why a grown man will want to see CCTV footage of a child being molested.


She also called out Foluke Daramola and asked if anyone requested evidence when she disclosed she was a victim of rape.


Foluke Daramola later released a video, apologising.


However, Yomi Fabiyi stood his ground and accused his colleagues of being in the habit of kicking a man when he’s down.

Read his statement.


The movie star released a video via her Instagram page on Wednesday, April 28, 2021; where she slammed the actor for defending Baba Ijesha.


She accused the actor of escalating the situation after he posted his now-famous video.


Watch the video below.




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