‘Iyanya is a liar, I’ve never cheated him’- Ubi Franklin reacts (Photos)

‘Iyanya is a liar, I’ve never cheated him’- Ubi Franklin reacts (Photos)

On Monday, March 11th, Nigerian singer, Iyanya revealed that he was cheated by Ubi Franklin, who served as the boss of Made Men Music Group, Triple MG.


Iyanya who claimed that he once co-owned the music label disclosed that Ubi, his former associate, had ripped him off the partnership they had.


However, Ubi has denied that he ever cheated Iyanya.


Ubi Franklin took to his Instagram to reveal that he did not cheat or instigate any shady deal against Iyanya.


He released screenshots of the legal documents that bonded the musician with the record label.


According to Franklin, the singer primarily wanted sympathy from the public.


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Here is the official statement Ubi Franklin released on his Instagram.


He wrote:


“It’s very unfortunate that A person I took as my brother had to lie to the world to make himself look good.
Always wait for both sides of the story to call people names.
Here is to prove that iyanya Lied to make himself look good.
Exclusive interview dropping in 1hour 
I have never fought anyone I have worked with, dated or married publicly and I swore never to do that.
We try to settle things in house and if that can’t happen we call on elders to mediate, it has always worked.
Thank you ??


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Furthermore, pictures of the documents were released on social media.


See them below:

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