Jaiye Kuti denies marriage to Pasuma

Jaiye Kuti denies marriage to Pasuma

Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti has denounced reports that she is married to Fuji artiste, Wasiu Pasuma.


Jaiye Kuti, has said that she was shocked when she heard the viral rumour that she was married to a popular fuji artiste, Wasiu Alabi, aka Pasuma.


Kuti made this known as a guest at Inspire Nigeria Summit, a virtual summit held to motivate young Nigerians.


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Asked how she reacts to rumours being peddled about her, the actress said;

“There was a time I shot a movie with Pasuma.

We had a wedding (in the movie) and the pictures were out there.

The next thing I saw in the press was that ‘Jaiye Kuti marries Pasuma’.

People did not even go to the body of the story to read what was actually there.

They just saw the headline and concluded that I had really married Pasuma.

When one wants to be great in life, people would say bad things about one.”



She continued;

“People could say things that could kill one instantly.

The beauty of it is that one has one’s legs and one can keep going.

“People that are spreading rumours about one won’t grow.

I have heard shocking stories about me. Some people said I gave birth to Mayowa and Temitope Kuti and their father was Pasuma.”


The actress revealed that she only appeared in a movie with the Nigerian artiste.

She continued;

“I don’t have the time to start explaining to everybody that we were only making a movie.

I don’t explain things to people. When they greet me, they tell me to extend greetings to Pasuma, and I tell them that I will.

When last did I see Pasuma?

He was paid to work and he left.

Rumours are part of what we live on.

It is part of what makes us what we are.

One has to be strong to take it.

It is like an arrow shot at one.

One should not let it kill one; rather, one has to keep going.”

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