James Brown: Bobrisky is now my enemy

James Brown: Bobrisky is now my enemy

According to the transvestite, James Brown, the battle line between himself and former mentor, Bobrisky has been drawn.


James Brown stated that Bobrisky real name Idris Okuneye has made himself his enemy.


Recall that during the week, Brown stated that Bobrisy had threatened him to stop copying his contents. Shortly after the self-acclaimed drag queen narrated the story on social media, his Instagram account was deleted.


In a recent interview, James Brown stated specifically that Bobrisky had made himself his enemy.


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He said;

“I was shocked, I was not expecting it (the threat).

Bobrisky actually called and threatened me.

He just kept shouting.

As a matter of fact, he said I should stop posting my content or he would send me to prison.

He said he was the one that gave me N100, 000 when I needed help and he would make sure they beat me up in Lagos State.

Before now, he had blocked me some months ago but I had no issues with it and I had apologised to him.

But now, he has made it clear that we are enemies and I have to watch my back.”




The dancer also insisted that he did not like being compared with Bobrisky.


He said;

I hate being compared to Bobrisky.

I admire everything about him because he is vibrant but I prefer being compared with an American Internet personality, James Charles, who has over 25 million followers on Instagram.

Yes, I am big and I have good content.

Also, I am not a crossdresser but a drag queen.”



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