Janemena advices trolls and online haters to look inwards

Janemena advices trolls and online haters to look inwards

Nigerian dancer and influencer, Jane Orezimena, popularly known as Janemena, has advised ‘trolls and haters’; to find how to get themselves out of poverty.

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“Sometimes put trolling and hate for others aside; and find how you are gonna get yourself out of poverty; and be genuinely happy.”

She wrote this on an Instagram post on Sunday.

Recall that Janemena has also been a target of online trolls; coming under attack when Tonto Dikeh claimed a sex tape between she and Tonto’s former lover existed.

The accusation was denied, and for a while ignored, before Janemena did a turnaround and opted to sue Tonto Dikeh.

From an undisclosed source, the tape leaked anyway and Janemena came under severe criticism; for what many expected was going to rock her marriage at best, or end it at worst.

Janemena, however, ignored the noise on the internet; and emphasized that her marriage remained as strong as it could ever be. Till date she has not directly addressed the sex tape situation. She has carried on with life and career as though nothing happened; but her posts now and then always hint at a closer attention being paid to her marriage.




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