Jemima Osunde, Shuga star, dragged on Twitter for comments about ex-suitor

Jemima Osunde, Shuga star, dragged on Twitter for comments about ex-suitor

Popular Nigerian actress, model and presenter Jemima Osunde has come under fire from Nigerians on Twitter. The actress was dragged by Nigerians for a comment she had posted on the micro-blogging platform.

In it, she had accused an ex-suitor of aggressively wooing her in February; only to turn around and get engaged to another lady in December.

Indeed, Jemima Osunde must have been expecting some positive energy from her followers. However, Nigerians had called out the actress for her comment. As a matter of fact, she was savagely attacked by many who called her out for thinking 10 months was too short for her ex-suitor to move on after she had failed to reciprocate or acknowledge his feelings for her.

Meanwhile, the Shuga actress had hurriedly deleted the tweet after Nigerians attacked her.

But 1st News had grabbed a screen-shot of it before it was deleted.

Jemima Osunde

Indeed, many had accused Jemima Osunde of nursing sour grapes. Furthermore, her reaction in the tweet was disparaged by many on Twitter as the action of a scorned lover. Nevertheless, she had been the one guilty of scorning a would-be lover.

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Additionally, others accused her of playing hard to get; even as they blamed her for keeping the suitor waiting for too long.

Nigerians tackle Jemima Osunde

On the other hand, other Twitter users have come to the defence of the actress. For these, her post was a genuine opinion of her uncertainty over the intention of the suitor back then.

Indeed, the issue has divided opinions and Nigerians are having their say.

Meanwhile, 1st News had put together some of the reactions to the trending controversy.

Meanwhile, Jemima Osunde was born into a family of five and is of Edo descent. Also, by 2017 she was a student of Physiotherapy at the University of Lagos.

Equally important, she first appeared in a movie called Jungle Jewel; after encouragement by her uncle to pursue acting.

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