Jesus has been appearing to me for years –Reverend Sister (SUN)

Jesus has been appearing to me for years –Reverend Sister (SUN)

As christains all over the world celebrate Easter, a nun, Reverend Sister Emmanuel, has revealed her encounters with Jesus Christ.

The nun, who bears two male names, Emmanuel Emmanuel, because, according to her, “Catholic Sisters answer male names,” said for years Jesus Christ has been appearing and giving her divine messages.

Reverend Sister Emmanuel’s world is interesting. As a habit, her hair is always covered, while she ties a rosary around her left wrist and holds a small crucifix in her right hand. She blesses you with the crucifix when you meet her.

The nun wears no make-up at all. She lives a simple life. In fact, she is not worldly in every material particular. She denies her life every atom of comfort or luxury. For instance, she sleeps on a wooden bench without pillow and, during the Lenten season, she sleeps on the floor using a piece of stone to lift her head. Again, she has removed all the cushions on her chairs.

In a chat with Daily Sun at the Marian Centre in Imo State, the nun said Jesus Christ appears to her frequently. She also said she has seen the Virgin Mary on a number of occasions.

According to her, she experienced the first divine visitation as a student in the United States in 1979.

Your name is Emmanuel, which is strange for a woman in this part of the world. Why are you called Emmanuel? Read more

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