Jill Biden: “History is being written in front of us”

Jill Biden: “History is being written in front of us”

Speaking to US military families at Fort Campbell in Kentucky Wednesday; first lady Jill Biden addressed the Russian invasion of Ukraine;  saying the US administration would hold Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for his actions in the country.

“There are moments when we suddenly realize that history is being written in front of us; when we can almost feel ourselves cross the line that will divide our world into ‘before’ and ‘after,'” Biden said.

“This is one of those moments. It’s tough to watch the news, isn’t it?”

Many of the relatives present had a family member deployed with the 101st Airborne; aka the Screaming Eagles; to assist American allies in Europe.

Addressing them directly; Jill Biden said; “The Screaming Eagles are there in Europe, standing with our allies and welcoming Ukrainian refugees.”

She echoed the US administration’s position on the Russian invasion; saying, “We are holding Putin accountable for his war through diplomacy with crippling sanctions.

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We are providing Ukraine with economic, humanitarian, and security assistance.”



US House passes ban on Russian oil, natural gas and coal

The US House of Representatives voted with a wide bipartisan majority Wednesday; to pass a ban on importing Russian oil, natural gas and coal into the United States.

The bill will also take steps to revisit Russia’s role in the World Trade Organization and reauthorize the

Magnitsky Act to strengthen sanctions on Russia for human rights violations.

The final vote was 414-17; with two Democrats ; Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri and Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota; and 15 Republican members voting against the bill.


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