Jonathan meets APC Chairman, Adamu despite denials about presidential ambition

Jonathan meets APC Chairman, Adamu despite denials about presidential ambition

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, May 9, met with the ruling party’s National Chairman in Abuja, ostensibly to clarify some grey areas surrounding his candidacy. This is despite attempts by Jonathan’s supporters to prevent him from running on the APC ticket.

Former President Jonathan met behind closed doors in Adamu’s house. This was after reportedly rejecting a N100 million nomination form purchased for him by some Fulani pastoralists.

The discussion, according to a source close to Jonathan, lasted between 9 and 10 p.m. and was held to iron out some lingering questions over Jonathan’s candidacy to fly the party’s presidential banner in next year’s election.

It was learnt that the confusion that trailed the purchase of the form for Jonathan arose; because of the spirited efforts by his core loyalists in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. This is to dissuade him from joining the APC and running on its platform; saying that such would be detrimental to the opposition party and belittling his image.

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According to a reliable source who spoke to the Vanguard, the former president had concluded plans to accept the nomination form; and meet with the APC leadership since Sunday morning.

However, he was strongly prevailed upon by those seen as his ‘inner caucus friends’ to shelve the move; and remain in the PDP even without being active in the party.

“These people have been pressurizing Jonathan until the very last minute not to accept to run on the APC ticket; no matter how tempting the conditions may be. That was why the former president did not present himself to the APC National chairman on Sunday. This was when the form was to be formally presented to him by the Almajiri who want to show him an appreciation; for what he did for them during his tenure by building schools and rehabilitating them,” the source said.

“The main argument of those opposed to Jonathan running on the APC ticket is that it would be belittling to his image; standing in the world for him to do so given where he had been; and what he represents as a former president of Nigeria. But the point is that the deadline for picking the form is this week; and if he does not accept the form, the window would be closed and the opportunity lost,” one source explained.

“That was why the former president had to meet Adamu last night; and their meeting was very productive as both men came out happily at the end of the one-hour meeting in Adamu’s house in Abuja,” the source explained.

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