Jonathan reveals reason for construction of Al-Majiri schools

Jonathan reveals reason for construction of Al-Majiri schools

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, February 7, revealed the reason for the construction of Al-Majiri schools in the North.

Jonathan stated this while delivering the keynote address at the maiden Bayelsa State Education Summit.

The event had the theme “Optimizing the Delivery, Performance, and Sustainability of Outcomes in the Education Sector”.

Equally important, the event was held at the Conference Hall of the Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB); located in Yenagoa the Bayelsa State capital.

According to him, the reason was to infuse the western education curriculum into Islamic education; adding that it would make the pupils employable and to check incessant crisis and insecurity.

He explained that his vision and philosophy of development is the development of a people must be based on education; as there cannot be a functional society without a functional education system. Further, he noted that education remains the key to changing the country.

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Jonathan said, “When I was the Vice President I was discussing with one of my Technical Assistant from Anambra State about the crisis in the North and say we must frame how we will tackle it. Some group of young boys appears not to have future…We cannot allow the system to remain like that so that we don’t have crisis tomorrow.

“We went around the North, discussed with the clerics who teach the boys under trees and makeshift buildings…Also, we discussed with the emirs and so on. We identified a group of boys and they are Muslims…Most Muslims when you understand the Koran is like you are more than a professor of law and through the Almajiri programme,;they understand the Koran and you cannot underrate them.

“Some of them can even memorize the Koran as voluminous as the Koran is…For someone to memorize the Koran and you say that person is not educated, you are not telling the truth.

“They (Almajiris) felt that they were educated but the society still reject them that even their local government council cannot employ them even as messengers because they don’t have any element of Western education attached to the Koranic education.

“That is why the federal government said we must assist the states, that these young people must be encouraged to study Islamic education but in addition to the Islamic education we are not going to remove anything from it, they should also take some parts of Western education so that when they finished at that level they can go on to study other things like Engineering, Medicine, etc, because you cannot convince an educated person to do certain things and without education, you cannot manage the security of this country. That was what motivated us to go into Almajiri education.”



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