JP Clark’s Remains of a tide: a new old wine (Vanguard)

JP Clark’s Remains of a tide: a new old wine  (Vanguard)

Renowned poet and prolific writer, John Pepper Clark, Professor Emeritus, recently presented his latest collection of poems, Remains of a Tide, at a public launch held at the University of Lagos. Remains of a Tide, published by Mosuro Publishers Ltd comes as a surprise addition to Full Tide and a maze of other poems churned out by the erudite scholar in a blissful writing career that spans over five decades. Remains of a Tide is a continuation of the wordsmith’s tales of a metaphorical ‘Tide’ that transcends geographical, socio-economic and political boundaries. The poems harp on the vicissitudes of life at personal, family, communal, national and global levels. They cover a wide range of subjects such as birth, life, relationships – as in marriage and friendship, struggles, aging and death. Some of the poems reveal that the octogenarian, while reflecting on personal experiences and the vicissitudes of life, is abreast with current affairs. Read more

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