Kemi Ikuseedun, Mr Macaroni’s ‘Mummy Wa’ explains how she delved into comedy

Kemi Ikuseedun, Mr Macaroni’s ‘Mummy Wa’ explains how she delved into comedy

Kemi Ikuseedun plays the role of ‘Mummy Wa’, Mr Macaroni’s fictional housewife in comedy skits.


She has since gone on to carve her own niche, becoming one of the comedians to gain mainstream popularity in 2020.


Kemi Ikuseedun, the Nigerian actress and skit maker, has two public personas.

One is as ‘Mummy wa’, the fictional wife to a popular social media character, Mr Macaroni, played by Debo Adebayo. The other persona is ‘Kemz mama’ which she also plays out on social media.



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Recalling how she started acting with Mr Macaroni, she told the interviewer;

“Initially, I acted as one of the girls (freaky freaky) in the skits.

But, there was a day I was doing my thing as Kemz Mama in the ‘Mummy wa’ outfit and he (Adebayo) saw me and asked me to try out the role of his wife. I was very surprised when he called me for the shoot.

He said he wanted that particular costume and character. And, the rest, as they say, is history.”


Ikusedun also noted that she often got naughty requests from male fans.

She said;

“When I started, I did not get naughty requests because a lot of people didn’t know I was the one playing those roles. They just could not place it. However, I have recently been getting many naughty requests from male fans.”

Asked how she feels when people refer to her as ‘Mummy wa’, the busty actress said, “I feel old when people refer to me as ‘Mummy wa’. On the other hand, I feel people see me as someone they have in their home― either as a mother or grandmother.”

She also stated that she had always wanted to become an actress.

She said, “I have always had a passion for acting. While in the university, I participated in church and school dramas. But I didn’t take it very seriously then. I was just having fun. Later, it became a career I wanted to build for myself.”

On how lucrative online comedy has been for her, ‘Mummy wa’ said, “Online comedy has been financially rewarding. I don’t have any other business. We do adverts and it is gradually paying off. I believe we are getting there.”


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