Kemi Olunloyo excited about not having a daughter

Kemi Olunloyo excited about not having a daughter

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has stated that she is excited she has no daughter.


According to the investigative journalist she feels sometimes that parents of daughters in this age are useless, ignorant people.


She advised parents to keep their daughters off social media as they can often be sexualized.


Here is what she wrote;

“I have three sons and very glad I never had daughters even though I’m someone’s daughter.

I feel sometimes that parents of daughters in this age are useless carefree ignorant people.

In my days they were busy circumcising us and taking away our sexuality because of this.

Nobody knew social media will exist when I was this age.

Today, look: Mummy Calm down boy, Lil lookalike 3BG Cubana kid drinking beer and this girl all need to stay off Social Media.

When this girl is raped by a neighbor, sibling, cousin or school classmate or others, the parents will forget that they sexualized their daughter online🙄



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A couple of weeks ago, Kemi Olunloyo mentioned that marriage is scam and it should be nullified.



Olunloyo also advised the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arrest married people before going after those who are involved in internet fraud.


The journalist maintained that she has never been married and she never will.


According to her, people should remain single and look for other means to satisfy themselves sexually.


Here is what she wrote;

“Never been married, never will. I said this at 27yo. 30 yrs later all my classmates are DIVORCED or on the 4th husband like Joy Nunieh, Many married men kill their wives too, frequent Prostitutes, side chick. Dump that marriage culture.”

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