Kemi Olunloyo questions Emmanuella’s source of income after building house for mum

Kemi Olunloyo questions Emmanuella’s source of income after building house for mum

Earlier, 1st News reported that popular child star, Emmanuella unveiled the house she built for her mother on the social media platform, Facebook. Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has now taken to Instagram to question Emmanuella’s source of income.


Olunloyo noted that disclosing the kid comedian’s source of wealth could serve as an inspiration to other young children.


Kemi Olunloyo in a lengthy post applauded the initiative of the 10-year-old content creator. However, she said there are more details to be unravelled.


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Here is what she said:

“EMMANUELLA: Public Relations Mgt is my 2nd degree.

In PR when a 10yo comedian builds a house that achievement needs to be elaborated in a professional way.

Mark Angel should tell the media the EXACT source of her income used to build that house to inspire other young kids.”




In the latter part of her post, Kemi Olunloyo admonished Emmanuella’s manager and uncle, Mark Angel to make known her source of income. Olunloyo stated that Emmanuella is one of the most influential youngsters in the country; hence, she should help inspire the younger populace.


She continued:

Don’t just post all over the internet about a house that could have been built by her uncle Mark Angel for her mother and Emmanuella’s name used to upgrade her brand for more fans; followers and recognition.

Nigerian mainstream newspapers don’t ask questions.

Other young comedians and enterprising kids should know how they can make that money too.

In Hollywood kids salaries are public information.

Inspire other kids.

The problem in Nigeria is everyone wants to show off their earnings without letting other know how to do the same.”



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