Kenyan socialite: ‘Nigerian men lace their manhood with cocaine to make sex enjoyable’ (Video)

Kenyan socialite: ‘Nigerian men lace their manhood with cocaine to make sex enjoyable’ (Video)

Kenyan socialite, Shornarwa has alleged in a recent Instagram Live interview that Nigerian men are fond of lacing cocaine on the tip of their penis to enthral women.


Shornarwa made this shocking revelation during an intense live session with Shaffie Weru on Friday, May 22. According to the Kenyan socialite and content creator, Nigerian men sprinkle the whitish substance on their manhood prior to their romp.


Shornarwa, alleged that Nigerian men put cocaine on their manhoods to make women addicted to them.


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Have you heard about the Nigerians who put cocaine on their mjulus (penis)?


The influencer also spoke of how many women have testified about how the men’s performance in bed.


Shornarwa went on to share some of the women’s experiences with the Nigerian men.


In the conversation, she noted that three of four women confirmed that the men apply cocaine on the tip of their manhoods to make it sweet when having sex with them.


Watch the session below.



In other news, a Nigerian lady has revealed on Twitter; that men from the most populous black nation are one of the most desired individuals in the world.


The Twitter user identified as Adiaha Edidem took to the microblogging site, Twitter on Friday, May 22; to reveal that Caucasian women are more interested in Nigerian men.


She mentioned in her eye-opening tweet that it is more tedious for a Nigerian woman to get a partner overseas compared to men.



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