Keyamo on Tinubu’s health: He is hale, hearty

Keyamo on Tinubu’s health: He is hale, hearty

Festus Keyamo, a spokesman for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, stated that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the party’s standard bearer, is currently abroad but is in good health.

This was stated by Keyamo during a Thursday morning interview on Arise TV.

Before attending the live broadcast on Thursday, the minister claimed to have spoken with Seyi Tinubu; the son of APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu and given him the assurance that Tinubu was well.

He added that because Tinubu is not yet Nigeria’s President, he is not required to make public pronouncements regarding his health and location.

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Keyamo said, “He’s hale, hearty, and healthy. He’s out of the country for a number of days. No controversy, about his whereabouts. And he’s not a president to issue statements as to his whereabouts.

“And I spoke with his son this morning. I spoke with Seyi and he said Asiwaju is fine. He was sleeping.”

“There is no controversy and no indication that there should be cause for concern. I do understand that he is a candidate for an election but we should also understand that he is not a president too.

“And to issue a statement every minute as to his whereabouts? The standard is not as high as being the president of Nigeria. He is just a candidate. Yes, he has some responsibilities towards the electorates and I do agree, but the standard is not as high as a president in office who could at every point in time issue statements as to his whereabouts.

“We are not going to live our lives for the opposition and mischief makers. I know there are some genuine concerns and inquiries, but there are also mischief makers. For those who are genuine like you, I think you should be satisfied when a campaign council spokesperson comes on air and say he (Tinubu) is hale and hearty. If you probe further, then it is mischievous.”


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