Kiki Mordi faces lawsuit from ex-BBC employee

Kiki Mordi faces lawsuit from ex-BBC employee

Foremost journalist and ex-employee of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Ruona Meyer, on Friday, April 30, revealed the commencement of a lawsuit against the media house and Kiki Mordi over alleged defamation.

1st News had reported in 2020 that Meyer called out Kiki Mordi for allegedly taking all the credits for her (Kiki’s) Emmy nominated documentary “Sex for Grades’’.

Kiki Mordi was also called out by other concerned parties; for failing to share proceeds from grants worth millions from the report.

In her latest disclosure via her Twitter handle, Meyer claimed to have “officially begun the process of suing the BBC for its role in the handling of my employment information such that falsehood among its staff was not curtailed for 3 years; resulting in the defamatory tweets. I resigned TWICE and declined a verbal UK option.

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She further accused Kiki Mordi and the BBC of lying about her employment status.

“When Kiki Mordi shared her delusions, I called, then wrote to the BBC. I asked them to provide me with written statements of whether I was asked to leave. They did not respond, but mysteriously, Kiki’s social media was wiped of the tweets; and staff were deployed to talk to me.

“I named names (who are now part of this suit), told the BBC I wanted to sue but I had/have many colleagues I love, respect in the BBC and I also had the other matter of cancer to deal with. HR apologised, told me they’d advised those named. Only years later, I see Kiki’s lies.

“That told me I needed to put an end to this barbarism. So, we go. I will be requesting all my information, to add to the recordings I made at the meeting I REQUESTED with HR in London in April 2018. Yes, I knew I would need receipts. I will also be using this to set a PRECEDENT.”

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