Kolade Dominate: How to become a successful artiste manager

Kolade Dominate: How to become a successful artiste manager
An artiste manager, Victor Akolade-Olowu, popularly known as Kolade Dominate, says that managing an artiste in Nigeria is more complicated and tasking than most people think.

Kolade Dominate in Ibadan that asides managing the music, you have to manage the artiste’s life as well.

“Build the talent, make sure he or she is marketable; be two to three steps ahead of everyone, plan schedules and still be contented behind the scene.
`Uncertainty about your future with the artiste, yes: I mean you can do everything and still get sacked tomorrow or contract ends tomorrow without you being retained,” he said.
Kolade Dominate said that an artiste manager has to be very patient, critical and must have great interpersonal relations skills.
“ I mean you will put up with a whole lot because you want to achieve results, you would meet different kinds of people with different behaviours and you have to manage them.
“ Their character, without allowing them rub off on you.
I mean, it’s a whole lot but I think with patience and critical thinking, you have to put other people before yourself and long term planning to top the list for me,” he said.

He added that a lot of complaints by managers about their artistes could be avoided with foresight.


This happens a whole lot and I have heard people complain about working with stubborn talents and all, but I feel in most capacities being a talent manager.
You have to see miles ahead of your talents so as to prevent things like this.
“ In any team, you head; you should give people the opportunity to be themselves.
Chip in a few things here and there, there are times when you state your view; it might be wrong and someone else’s idea or your talents idea might be better.”
He continued;

“If it will bring in results at the end of the day, I am down for it. In various capacities of life, people who want to progress will always disagree to agree.

“Most times I operate in a way that I can let my talent express themselves. I don’t like to be rigid, in situations where you work, you learn.
“If my artiste does that, there must be enough reasons why he decided to do that, I would listen, check and see where I got it wrong and learn.
“In cases where the ego dictates the conversations and respect is not served on the table, there will be consequences and fines.
“In management contracts, it states evidently that the artiste should listen to his management and let them do their job. For my  artiste and I, I just think we have gotten to a point where we respect ourselves, our work boundaries and give room for learning from every team member,” he said.
According to Kolade Dominate, most times the fall outs often start from a point where egos set in or people forget to respect themselves.
“ Realising the artiste you picked up has evolved and grown, you should accord him with the respect he deserves. Sometimes some managers want to also be in the limelight just as their talents too.
“ I mean, there is nothing wrong with that, but once your artiste is successful, people should see those behind the team, it shouldn’t be the other way round,” he said.

The showbiz manager said that he won’t completely write off 2020 in spite of everything that has happened and still happening in the entertainment world.

“This year 2020 has been a redefining year for me. I am thankful for what I have been able to achieve thus far.
“ This year saw big hits from our stables making waves in Nigeria. An initiative of mine called 1008 World is growing and doing amazing things.
“ Some of the artistes I manage, most importantly, Dotman, has achieved amazing feats this year with so many hit songs to his credit.
“ I am very grateful to God for all that we have achieved this year,” he said.
1st News reports that Kolade Dominate is also an On-Air Personality with Splash FM.



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