Konga and the first Igbo Man to set up shop in Space? – Dr. B.B.Usman

Konga and the first Igbo Man to set up shop in Space? – Dr. B.B.Usman

Where is the next business destination for Konga?

While the race to space continues to rage on, the ultimate question on peoples’ mind is: What is up there? What are nations and individuals in this adventurous quest to space looking for? The answer resides in the minds of entrepreneurs!
No wonder Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are betting the heavens on who would be there first to pick the ripe apples. However, the puzzle to the space travel equation is not just jetting into space; but settling there and delivering the business part of the infinite space configuration in a strange world.
Meanwhile, it is hard to find a place on Planet Earth without a Nigerian; ably represented by an Igbo identity, whom as we know are endowed with rare business survival gene in their blood! Now that e-Commerce has taken the world by profitable innovation storm; fired by entrepreneurial passion and audacity to conquer risks at all levels; it is not surprising therefore, but abundantly clear that very soon, an African; Nigerian of Igbo extraction would not be left out in the lucrative space business!

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Konga and the first Igbo Man to set up shop in Space? - Dr. B.B.Usman
For these and other reasons, Konga led by the son of Leo Stan Ekeh is surely planning the next move. It may soon set up a platform to engage the digital business-of-things in Space. As we anticipate the future, the debatable vision to accomplish this mission impossible triller simply translates into: if others can setup e-shop in Space, why not Konga?
Space travel and related business perspectives is so tempting for the ambitious entrepreneurs to be left out of the game. Indeed, unknown to many, the Konga space initiative may have started under-cover; going by her investment into a huge arsenal of digitally-managed ecommerce warehouses – operated by robots. Eyeing the effects of weightlessness in space to the human body; the recent launch of Konga Health is part of the strategic plan to compete in the emerging space businesses.
Konga and the first Igbo Man to set up shop in Space? - Dr. B.B.Usman
The foresight of Konga therefore recognizes the migration of global economy to a Space Economy; as a significant aspect of digital transformation powered by research, science, and technology.
The Space industry has come a long way, since July 11, 1969, when the first human landed on the Moon with Apollo 11. Dr. David M Livingstone in his paper (Prospects for Space Commerce in the aftermath of 9.11), concludes that “with a discussion of the awesome responsibility we have in seeding the off-Earth environment with our people, culture, business practices, our economic principles and values.

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What we do today in space has the potential to impact those of us here on Earth, as well as those who will choose to work, live, and play in space from this time forward, through future generations. Resolving the problems associated with transporting people to and from space in a cost-effective space transportation vehicle – most likely the reusable launch vehicle (RLV) is crucial to the successful development of the commercial space industry”.
Today, on the practical side, advances in reusable rockets, lowered per-launch costs; while miniaturization of satellites are opening business opportunities well beyond aerospace and defense; into IT hardware and telecom, according to Morgan Stanley. The global space industry is expected to generate revenue of $1.1 trillion or more in 2040; up from the current $400 billion, according to a recent report.
On the dream side, Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos recently outlined a long-term vision for putting a trillion people in space colonies with one small step coming soon: an infrastructure starting with lunar lander Blue Moon.
“We are going to build a road to space,” Bezos said at a May unveiling of his plans, adding ‘‘and then amazing things will happen.” ([email protected]).
Yes, amazing things will happen in space with digital transformation. But not without Konga sitting at the table. Digital innovation, disruption and knowledge Olympiad competitiveness is in the formalized DNA of the vision-bearer of Konga. So, all things being equal and with all assurances, what do we expect of Konga in e-Commerce going forward?
 In brevity, Konga’s mission going forward is, in my opinion, transforming from e-Commerce to e-Space commerce operations. The crust of that e-space transformation agenda will be driven by Konga’s logistics knowhow into the space mission.

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This is because e-space commerce logistics experience promises to be one of the most lucrative sector of space business. Not only that, it will also constitute one of the largest demand of workers with an array of skills. As we already know, Astronauts are currently the most well-known space workers. But they hold few of the careers in the space ecosystem.
The jobs and works of the future in space – according to a study by Domingo Angeles and Dennis Vilorio, dictates that; ‘‘space jobs will include but not limited to the following: studying the effects of gravity on the human body; building the next generation of telescopes; explaining discoveries about the solar system in understandable terms. These are just a few examples of the projects that workers undertake in jobs related to space exploration.
“It takes the persistence and intelligence of designers, engineers, scientists, and storytellers to bring a project together,” says Nasreen Alkhateeb.
Konga and the first Igbo Man to set up shop in Space? - Dr. B.B.Usman
Equally important, projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) Occupational Employment Statistics survey reveals that the job developments (2014-2020) for aerospace engineering and operations technicians; avionics technicians and life, physical, and social science technicians, all other, including meteorological aides; will reach about 44,400 jobs.
This amongst other is why e-Space will transform not only education, religious beliefs, future skills, but technology innovation at many levels. In this regard, it would not be out of reasoning to forecast that Konga’s future of work investment profile would triple in 2022; with a chunk directed to e-Space business logistics.
However, though government may be oblivious of this; she is duty-bound to develop e-Space Commerce Policy and facilitate investment incentives to ensure that entrepreneurs and indigenous outfits like Konga; as well as others are encouraged to build a strong business-development base in the e-Space Commerce.
Based on exploratory indicators from Konga Health research laboratory; health issues in space have been noted as a significant concern for space travellers and future inhabitants. Recently, Konga Health, an ambitious, technology-driven healthcare solutions company, has signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Association of Nigerian Private Medical Practitioners (ANPMP) to boost access to quality healthcare services in Nigeria; including the delivery of genuine drugs and medical supplies.
The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, at the company’s corporate headquarters at Yudala Heights on Idowu Martins, Victoria Island, Lagos, unknown to many of us, is perhaps the strategic bedrock to deliver Konga Health solutions into space – going forward.

In this regard, it would not be surprising that their research focus will as well be amongst others; the development of special food nourishment supplements, pills, and tablets. In clear terms, future Nigerian space travellers may not worry about their healthy native food such as; Oha, Jollof, White Soup, Afang, Suya, Tuwo, etc; with the assurances of the availability in space in form of supplements from Konga Health!

Call it fantasy, but ideas are after all invoked by fantasies and transformed into reality by research. Let us believe in our home-grown tech-fantasies and turn them into reality.
Welcome to the future of work and livelihood in Space.
Welcome to the future of Konga.

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